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A serious injury can leave you devastated, physically, emotionally, and financially. It’s wrong to have to suffer like this, and even more so when the injuries were from an accident that wasn’t your fault. If your injuries make it impossible for you to return to work, you might not have the money to pay your bills or seek the comprehensive medical treatment you need. You can’t focus on healing or recovering from your injuries when you’re worried about keeping a roof over your head.

During such a challenging time, it’s important to understand that you don’t have to fight this battle alone. The experienced Daytona Beach personal injury attorneys of Rue & Ziffra understand what you’re going through, and we can help.

Daytona Beach: The Crown Jewel of Volusia County

Where once stood orange groves and sugar cane plantations in Daytona, we now enjoy a dazzling variety of culture, entertainment, and recreational opportunities. Our museums attract visitors from across the country. Our verdant golf courses and parks allow residents and visitors alike to bathe in our ever-present sunshine. And what mention of Daytona Beach would be complete without praise of our pristine, sun-bathed beaches?

As a prime tourist destination-especially during spring break, we share our sidewalks and roadways with visitors of all ages and cultures. As we celebrate all that Daytona Beach offers us, Rue & Ziffra is dedicated to giving back to our Daytona community in every possible way.  

Rue & Ziffra: In Your Community & On Your Side

For more than four decades, our legal team has fought tirelessly to get our clients the compensation they deserve for their injuries. To protect your legal rights and get you the possible best settlement, we take an unapologetically aggressive stance during litigation and, if necessary, trial. We care deeply about our community and our clients. Through our community outreach program RZCares, we have volunteered with many different groups of people. Our attorneys and staff prioritize bringing that same care and dedication to our own clients.

To learn more about our community work, visit our RZCares page or contact our office.

Why Choose Rue & Ziffra as Your Personal Injury Attorneys in Daytona Beach?

We have been compassionate advocates for the wrongfully injured since 1976

We have been a fixture in the local community for more than 40 years. The network of resources and connections we’ve built over time is an invaluable asset in your fight for justice.

Our sole focus is getting results for Florida personal injury victims

We handle only personal injury cases—nothing else. That means we are experts in our field, and we put the sum of our knowledge and experience to work for you.

We leverage our wealth of resources to strengthen your case

We have assembled an elite legal team of personal injury specialists. We bring in whatever resources we need to build your case, potentially including investigators, subject matter experts, accident reconstruction specialists, and more. 

You pay no legal fees until and unless we recover compensation for you

Your initial consultation is free, and we cover all legal fees during your case. Best yet: you don’t pay us a dime unless we win your case.

We provide a highly personalized level of service

We believe that you deserve the time and attention of your attorney and legal team. We take the time to listen to you—really listen—so we can understand your needs and goals. Together, we will determine the best strategy for your case.

We handle every aspect of your case, from start to finish

You have enough to worry about right now. Our team takes care of everything, including communicating on your behalf with the insurance company, other attorneys, and other parties in the case. This ensures that you can focus on healing and getting back on your feet.

Our Daytona personal injury attorneys get results

We have recovered more than $438,000,000 for our personal injury clients. To learn more, take a look at some of our past settlements and verdicts for our clients. Note that these results don’t necessarily indicate the outcome of your case. However, it’s important for you to know just how hard we fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

We are recognized for excellence in our industry

Through the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell, our peers have once again named as an “AV Preeminent” firm. This award is given only to those firms that provide the highest level of professional excellence. We are also a multi-year gold “Client Champion” award winner. Additionally, we have been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 1995, where we proudly maintain our A+ rating.

These are just a few of the reasons that our clients trust us to help them through the challenges of their personal injury claims. If you would like to see for yourself why past clients refer us to their friends and family, spend a moment browsing our client testimonials.

We Get Results

Daytona Beach Personal Injury Statistics

Daytona Beach is no stranger to accidents.

Consider these startling facts:

  1. Pedestrian deaths in Volusia County are the second-highest in the nation.
  2. Daytona Beach ranks third in the state for the number of swimming pool accidents and drownings we experience each year.
  3. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of emergency room trips and hospital admissions. They are also the second most common cause of death.
  4. Florida leads the country in motorcycle accident deaths.
  5. Daytona Beach has multiple fatal car accidents every year. A quick glance at the Daytona Beach Police Department’s Crime Mapping application will show you just how many DUIs it processes regularly.

The fact is, you could find yourself the victim of a serious injury accident almost anywhere. If you sustain injuries in Daytona Beach, you need a strong, experienced attorney on your side.

Daytona Beach Personal Injury Cases We Handle

The personal injury attorneys of Rue & Ziffra can assist you with virtually any type of case involving another party’s negligence, carelessness, or wrongful action. Some of the most common types of personal injury cases we handle include:

If you lost a loved one due to an accident in Daytona Beach, we can also assist you in the process of filing a wrongful death claim. Contact our office as soon as possible, as time is of the essence. The Florida statute of limitations for a wrongful death action allows you only two years to file a wrongful death claim.

We explain how the statute of limitations affects your case and help ensure you don’t lose your legal right to recover compensation.

Why Trust a Personal Injury Lawyer to Assist You?

Nothing in the Florida statutes requires that you have an attorney to represent you in a personal injury claim. However, working with the Rue & Ziffra team of Daytona Beach personal injury lawyers provides many compelling advantages.

Increasing Your Chances of a Better Outcome

A survey conducted by the legal research experts at Martindale-Nolo found that most injury victims who had representation from a personal injury attorney had significantly better outcomes than those people who were not represented by a lawyer. On average, having an attorney cut the duration of survey participants’ cases in half while getting settlements that were almost four times higher.

Documenting Your Claim & Building a Strong Case

Once you choose the Rue & Ziffra team to assist you, we mobilize our resources. We investigate every facet of your claim, gathering the evidence and documentation we need to build your case. No matter the nature or extent of your injuries, we have investigators to get to the bottom of the matter and experts to provide opinions and testimony.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

Insurance companies don’t want to pay you a dime more than they have to, even if their client was at fault for your injuries and damages. In fact, they want to compensate you as little as possible. They often propose settlements that represent only a small fraction of your claim’s value. Acting as a buffer between you and the insurance company, we hold them accountable for your damages and won’t back down.

Remember that anything you say to the insurance company at any time can be used against you. That’s why it’s best to have a personal injury attorney by your side from the start. Speak with one of our Daytona personal injury lawyers before you agree to any settlement offers or provide any information to other attorneys or the insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a serious injury or accident, victims and their families have many questions in mind. We encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation, so we can personally address all your questions and concerns.

Meanwhile, these are a few of the most common questions we hear from our clients:

How Do I Know If I Have a Strong Personal Injury Case?

If you have browsed many Daytona Beach attorney sites, you might have seen statements such as:

“If the other party in your accident was negligent…” or

“If you suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence…”

Proving negligence, or fault, in a personal injury case is complicated and nuanced. It’s absolutely crucial to consult with a personal injury lawyer on the specifics of your accident. Your case is stronger if your attorney proves that the other party was more (or completely) at fault.

What’s the Average Personal Injury Settlement Amount in Daytona Beach?

Just as there is no such thing as a typical client, we have no way to determine what an average personal injury settlement value might be. Before beginning the personal injury process, you deserve to know, with reasonable certainty, how much you might stand to recover for your damages.

Some factors that might affect the potential value of your settlement include:

  • The nature and severity of your injuries,

  • Whether you sustained permanent injuries or disability,

  • How your injuries affect your ability to work

  • The type of treatment you will need in the future.

In a personal injury claim, you typically have the right to pursue physical, emotional, and financial damages. Talking with a personal injury attorney can give you a better understanding of your claim’s value.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Whether your injuries resulted from a car accident, slip, and fall, medical malpractice, or another type of incident, the details of your case are unique. Depending on the details of your case, you may have the right to compensation for:

  • Medical care and treatment costs to date
  • Lost income and benefits to date
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Future medical care and treatment costs
  • Future lost income and benefits
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Diminished earning capacity.

Our legal team will gather all the details from you, and based on your injuries and other damages, we will provide you with a more accurate estimate of what your settlement value could be.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

The Florida statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is four years. The statutes do provide some exceptions that could extend your window to file a lawsuit. However, those exceptions are limited. Talking with an attorney helps preserve your rights to file a personal injury suit.

Note that the statute of limitations does vary by case type. For a medical malpractice case, you have two years to file an action in court. If a public or governmental entity had a fault, you must file within three years of the injury date.

Will I Have to Go to Court?

Fortunately, the majority of Florida personal injury cases settle out of court. Our legal team builds the strongest possible case and negotiates aggressively with the insurance company. Once we receive a fair settlement offer, you can get a check and get your life back.

In some cases, the insurance company refused to make a reasonable settlement offer. If that happens, we stand ready to file a lawsuit and take your case to court. We are experienced litigators and make it clear to all parties that we will do whatever is necessary to get justice for our clients.

Take Advantage of Your Free Daytona Beach Personal Injury Consultation

Before you provide a statement to any insurance company or discuss any type of settlement, it is imperative that you talk to an attorney.

Rue & Ziffra provides no-cost, no-obligation consultations for Daytona Beach personal injury victims. We answer your questions, explain your options, and help you decide the right course of action for you.

If you can’t come to us, we are happy to come to you. We make house calls, or if you remain hospitalized, we can visit your hospital room. Our team is multilingual too, so we can assist you in English, Spanish, and even Russian.

You don’t have to face this challenge alone. Contact us today for help from one of our Daytona Beach personal injury attorneys.

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