About Rue & Ziffra: Your Advocates For Justice

Our Legacy in Your Community

For over four decades, the Rue & Ziffra law firm has been a steadfast supporter and advocate for the injured in Florida’s Volusia County. With a commitment that goes beyond legal representation, our team shares a deep connection with the community. As residents ourselves, we engage actively in local events and proudly support our children’s sports teams, contributing to what makes our area, including the famed “World’s Most Famous Beach,” a premier destination for families and visitors alike.

Our Origins: A Firm Foundation

Our journey began with Attorney John D. Rue’s vision. Transitioning from a successful career in insurance to the legal field, Mr. Rue leveraged his comprehensive industry insights to champion the rights of those injured, particularly motorcyclists facing negligence on the roads. Rue & Ziffra was established in 1976 with a dedicated focus on personal injury cases, laying the groundwork for a law practice committed to justice and client support.

The addition of Attorney Allan L. Ziffra in 1991 marked a significant milestone, expanding our expertise to cover a wider range of personal injury claims. Under Mr. Ziffra’s leadership, the firm has not only grown in capacity but has also deepened its operational and strategic prowess, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled service and advocacy.

Our Team: Experts in Advocacy

At the heart of Rue & Ziffra are our attorneys, a diverse group of legal professionals united in their passion for justice. Our team’s expertise spans the full spectrum of personal injury law, including auto accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and more. This diversity enables us to approach cases with a comprehensive perspective, ensuring thorough representation for our clients.

Our success stems from our collaborative approach. By working closely together, our attorneys, investigators, and support staff form a formidable team focused on achieving the best outcomes for our clients. We invite you to learn more about each member of our team and their unique contributions to our firm’s legacy:

Attorney Allan Ziffra

Allan Ziffra


Attorney Luis Gracia

Luis Gracia


Attorney David Sweat

David Sweat


Attorney Edward Rue

Edward Rue


Attorney Darren Coleman

Darren Coleman


Attorney Kim Bouck

Kim Bouck


Attorney Matthew Mitchell

Matthew Mitchell


Attorney Alfred Washington Jr

Alfred Washington Jr.