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Fact vs. Myth: Why Will Your Personal Injury Lawyer Never Make More Money Than You on Your Case? 

July 8, 2022 | Attorney, Allan Ziffra

What a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Make Representing Your Case 

When someone is hurt in an accident and wants to know whether they should hire a personal injury attorney like Rue & Ziffra, one of the first things they are asked is “How much money will the lawyer get?” The short answer is that it is significantly less than what their customers are paid.

Contingency fees are popular among attorneys since they allow them to be paid only if their client wins, which encourages them to devote their best efforts to each case. As a result, you have a better chance of getting compensated for your lawsuit or settlement gains.  

Before you choose to hire a personal injury lawyer, you should know how much they will charge to advocate on your behalf. 

We’ll go through a few myths and learn why your personal injury attorney won’t make more money than you in this post! 

Myth #1: If you hire a personal injury lawyer, the attorney will make far more money than you if he or she wins your case.

On a contingency fee basis, most personal injury claims are handled. Contingency fees are not the same as pro bono legal services, which are given for free. They’re only compensated if you win or reach an out-of-court settlement.

For these situations, lawyers usually charge an upfront fee of 25-40% of the entire settlement. This can differ based on a variety of variables, including whether there was insurance coverage in place for the claim. 

Myth #2: In personal injury claims, lawyers may overcharge clients. 

Many clients are under the false impression that hiring a personal injury lawyer implies that the attorney will make more money than them, but this is not true. 

Contingent cases imply that you will not be charged any upfront costs and will only receive money if your case is successful. 


Myth #3: Contingency fees are non-negotiable. 

You’ll receive a higher percentage of any settlement or award than your attorney will under a contingency fee agreement, as part of which you would be paid separately.  

Assuming the insurance company pays out at least $20,000, your lawyer will get $6,000 if your contingency fee is 30% and you accept the insurance company’s offer of a settlement worth $20,000. 

However, you may still want to negotiate the contingency fees, particularly if your attorney will need to conduct research, gather documents, etc. in order to win your case. The more difficult it is to establish liability, the higher your contingency fees will be for a good reason. 


Myth #4: Insurance settlements can’t be negotiated by personal injury lawyers. 

Insurance carriers generally try to settle for the lowest amount feasible after personal injuries, such as a truck or automobile accident, and they frequently have the expertise to out-negotiate you, thus many injured people without a lawyer accept smaller than they deserve.  

However, your personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that you receive a fair settlement for your injuries. Rue & Ziffra’s personal injury attorneys understand that recovering following a personal injury is difficult, and we’ll adjust the agreed amount according to your medical, psychological, or other needs. 

The objective is to free yourself from your money concerns so you may focus on what matters—recovering from your injuries. 


Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer 

At Rue & Ziffra, we understand that every scenario is unique, which is why we will give you and your individual situation our full attention. We prioritize representing individual freedoms rather than attempting to reach a consensus.  

Our personal injury lawyers have the experience and understanding to handle a wide range of situations. Our staff has healthcare and insurance backgrounds, so we’re equipped to see what’s essential for you or your loved one following an accident. 

Call us if you’ve been hurt by someone else’s negligence or want to learn more about our services. We can help answer your questions at no charge during your consultation.   

Our results-driven legal practice has a vast network of physicians, therapists, and imaging facilities to examine personal injury case files, so we know the best way to take care of your medical needs. Our clients are represented based on the idea that well-argued facts will triumph in court; our aim is to assist you in obtaining appropriate compensation for your injuries. 

Attorney Allan Ziffra

Allan Ziffra

Personal Injury Lawyer

This article has been written and reviewed by Allan Ziffra. Allan L. Ziffra is a founding partner and president of Rue & Ziffra, a personal injury law firm. With over two decades of experience, Allan has litigated cases involving catastrophic injuries, securing over $100 million for clients. He holds a Master of Laws in Taxation from the University of Miami and a JD from Stetson University.

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