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SSD Expert Answers Your Questions – 8/28/2020


From time to time, I receive questions from you in our community about social security disability. I have collected a few of them to answer in hopes that I can provide answers to others.

Can you collect unemployment if you are on social security disability?

Yes, but it makes the claim much more difficult. In order to qualify for unemployment benefits, a person has to be able and willing to work. This requirement goes contrary to the nature of Social Security Disability, which is designed to provide benefits for those who can’t work. Although unemployment applicants do not have to specify in an unemployment application what sort of work they can actually perform (whether part-time, or very light jobs), social security will still look at unemployment benefits as a tacit admission of ability to work.

How can I increase the amount of social security disability that I receive right now?

The amount that you receive in social security disability is based on the social security taxes that you have contributed during your lifetime. The more you contribute, the higher the benefit.

Can you collect social security and disability?

No. Disability is part of the same program that administers retirement benefits.  When people apply for and qualify for disability under the Social Security Act, they are simply taking their full retirement benefits early due to their disabling condition which prevents them from engaging in full time employment. So you will not get a disability payment and a retirement  payment. You will only get one.

Will I get social security disability when I get my $1200 stimulus check?

Yes, you will. Your disability benefits will not be affected by the stimulus check.

Should I notify social security disability that I am approved for long term disability?

Yes, and vice versa. A Long Term Disability insurance company has the right to reduce the amount of benefits they owe someone based on that person’s entitlement to social security disability.

What is the maximum amount for social security disability?

For the year 2020, the maximum benefit amount is $3,011.

Can a veteran advocate help with social security disability?

If the advocate has the required knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of social security disability, he or she can certainly help

Can I receive VA disability and SSDI?


Does disability pay more than social security?

No. See answer to question number 3.

Remember, social security disability can be complicated and frustrating. But feel confident that you have a resource here at Rue & Ziffra. I am the only board-certified social security disability lawyer in both Volusia and Flagler counties. My staff and I are here 24/7 to help you navigate through your process. Feel free to call us.


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