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Social Security Disability

At Rue & Ziffra, we have been helping local residents in Volusia and Flagler Counties secure Social Security Disability benefits for more than 40 years. Our Social Security Disability Department is led by attorney Luis Gracia, an expert who is a Board-Certified Social Security Disability Lawyer.  Whether you have recently been injured or you have already had your benefits claim denied, we can help. Our attorneys will walk you through every step of the application (or appeals) process, and we will stand by your side until you receive the benefits you deserve.

What Is Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are available to many individuals who are unable to work due to illnesses and injuries. Unlike workers’ compensation, you do not need to get hurt or sick at work in order to be eligible for Social Security Disability. If your medical condition meets the Social Security Administration’s definition of a “disability” and you have worked enough to qualify for coverage, you are entitled to benefits regardless of the cause of your illness or injury.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is easy. In fact, the process is extremely involved, and many people do their best with the application – only to have their claims denied after weeks (sometimes months) of waiting. This is an outcome that most people cannot afford; and if you are entitled to benefits, it is not a situation you should be forced to endure.

How do I know if I am disabled? How can I figure out what benefits I am entitled to receive? These are important questions that don’t have easy answers. If you need to find out if you are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, contact us 24/7 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced disability attorney.

Why Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer?

A lawyer is useful for many reasons when it comes to a denied disability claim. A lawyer can consult with you if:

  • Are not familiar with the filing process.
  • Get overwhelmed by the paperwork or process.
  • Want to increase your odds of being approved.
  • Were previously denied benefits and want to appeal.
  • Need to uncover documents or information to give you a slight edge of winning.
  • Want to ensure you get the legal maximum financial gain.

We Get Results

Our results for our Social Security Disability cases speak for themselves.
Case File NumberLocationCase OutcomeYear
51978New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
52005New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
52028Edgewater, FLFavorable2021
51962Holly Hill, FLFavorable2021
50784Lake Helen, FLUn-Favorable2021
52004Paisley, FLFavorable2021
51889 Port Orange, FLFavorable2021
51973New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
52006Port Orange, FLFavorable2021
52068Port Orange, FLUn-Favorable2021
51729Deltona, FLFavorable2021
51927Deland, FLFavorable2021
51883Deland, FLFavorable2021
51667Deland, FLFavorable2021
50871Daytona Beach, FLFavorable2021
51875Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
51936 Daytona Beach, FLFavorable2021
51995Orange City, FLUn-Favorable2021
52000 Palm Coast, FLUn-Favorable2021
51969Port Orange, FLFavorable2021
51810 South Daytona, FLFavorable2021
52056Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
51903Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
51955Flagler Beach, FLFavorable2021
51990Port Orange, FLFavorable2021
52019Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
52064Debary, FLFavorable2021
51857Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
51893Deland, FLFavorable2021
51802Vernon, FLFavorable2021
52163Edgewater, FLUn-Favorable2021
52063Hastings, FLFavorable2021
51997 Daytona Beach, FLFavorable2021
52018Edgewater, FLFavorable2021
52058Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
52038Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
51856Deltona, FLFavorable2021
51944Deland, FLFavorable2021
51831Deltona, FL Un-Favorable2021
52012 Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
51987 Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
52011Barberville, FLFavorable2021
51840Deltona, FLUn-Favorable2021
50841Debary, FLFavorable2021
52013Daytona Beach, FLFavorable2021
52025 Daytona Beach, FLFavorable2021
52047New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
52039Oak Hill, FLFavorable2021
52021Deland, FLFavorable2021
51871Deltona, FLFavorable2021
51268Edgewater, FLFavorable2021
51896 Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
52092Edgewater, FLUn-Favorable2021
51846Lake Helen, FLFavorable2021
52049Deltona, FLFavorable2021
51844New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
51706Deltona, FLFavorable2021
51905Holly Hill, FLFavorable2021
52070Palm Coast, FL Un-Favorable2021
52060New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
51945Orange City, FLFavorable2021
50395Orlando, FLFavorable2021
52066New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
51710Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
52046Port Orange, FLUn-Favorable2021
51843Deltona, FLFavorable2021
52085Port Orange, FLUn-Favorable2021
51797Deland, FLFavorable2021
51771Orange City, FLFavorable2021
51909New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
51931Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
52050 Flagler Beach, FLFavorable2021
52033Palm Coast, FLUn-Favorable2021
52061Edgewater, FLFavorable2021
51924Port Orange, FLUn-Favorable2021
52155 Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
51781Deltona, FLFavorable2021
51847 Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
52093Daytona Beach, FLFavorable2021
52182 Port Orange, FLFavorable2021
51946Deltona, FLFavorable2021
52055Orange City, FLFavorable2021
52052Deltona, FLFavorable2021
52034Flagler Beach, FLFavorable2021
51947New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
51751Debary, FLFavorable2021
51305Deltona, FLFavorable2021
51894Orange City, FLFavorable2021
51760Edgewater, FLFavorable2021
52145 Ponce Inlet, FLFavorable2021
52130 Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
51664Deltona, FLFavorable2021
52146Deltona, FLFavorable2021
52121Deland, FLFavorable2021
52032Edgewater, FLFavorable2021
52079Deltona, FLUn-Favorable2021
52094Deland, FL Favorable2021
52075Debary, FL Favorable2021
51213Deltona, FL Favorable2021
52095 South Daytona, FLFavorable 2021
52022 Palm Coast, FL Favorable 2021
52074Port Orange, FLFavorable2021
52031 South Daytona, FLFavorable2021
51911Deltona, FL Favorable2021
52140 Debary, FLFavorable2021
52040 Deland, FL Favorable2021
52128 South Daytona, FL Favorable2021
52147 Deltona, FL Favorable 2021
52103Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
51734Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
51984Port Orange, FLFavorable2021
52072 Daytona Beach, FLFavorable2021
52001Deland, FL Favorable 2021
52123 Daytona Beach, FL Favorable2021
52016 Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
51805 Palm Coast, FL Favorable 2021
52101New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable 2021
52077 Edgewater, FLFavorable2021
52051 The Villages, FLFavorable2021
51975Palatka, FLFavorable2021
52166Deltona, FL Favorable2021
52208Deland, FLFavorable2021
52127 Port Orange, FLFavorable 2021
52165 Port Orange, FL Favorable2021
52100New Smyrna Beach, FL Favorable2021
51836 Port Orange, FLFavorable2021
52088Deltona, FLFavorable2021
52079 Deltona, FLFavorable2021
52153 Daytona Beach, FLFavorable2021
52116New Smyrna Beach, FLFavorable2021
52137 Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
52131 Palm Coast, FL Favorable 2021
52179 Orange City, FL Favorable 2021
52048 Port Orange, FL Favorable2021
52108 Ormond Beach, FLFavorable2021
52156Deland, FLFavorable2021
52105Palm Coast, FLFavorable2021
52067 Oviedo, FLFavorable 2021
52187Deltona, FLFavorable 2021

Functional Capacity Forms

Mental Health Limitations Form

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Physical Limitations Form

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Preparing to File for Social Security Disability Benefits

1. Top 5 Things to Avoid in a Social Security Disability Claim

When preparing to file for Social Security Disability benefits, knowing what not to do is just as important as understanding each of the steps you need to take in order to submit a successful application. Here are five mistakes to avoid when preparing an SSD claim:

  • Waiting too long to apply. Waiting too long to apply can make it more difficult to secure benefits, and it can even result in loss of your benefits eligibility.

  • Not giving the SSA complete information. The SSA has strict guidelines for approving SSD claims. If your application is incomplete, it is going to be denied.

  • Focusing on medical conditions and not limitations. A medical condition is not the same thing as a limitation. In order to secure SSD benefits, you need to show that your medical condition has resulted in a limitation that prevents you from maintaining your employment.

  • Relying on your own “common sense” to win a case. Applying for SSD is not a common-sense process. The rules are entirely too complex, and the SSA’s procedures are extremely convoluted. To secure benefits, you need to play by the rules, and not do what you think you should have to do in order to collect benefits.

  • Not using the time to your advantage. Applying for SSD takes time. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can use this time to your advantage.

2. Important Things to Remember When Filing for SSD

Keeping in mind that filing for Social Security Disability is not a common-sense process, there are some important things you need to remember when filing for SSD. These include:

  • You must disclose all of your medical providers and their contact information on your application. If you leave out information about your medical history, SSA employees won’t go looking for it. They will simply deny your claim.

  • You must disclose all of your medical conditions. The SSA will consider all of your medical conditions, individually and in combination, to determine if you are disabled. Due to the factors the SSA considers, you need to disclose all of your medical conditions, even if some of them seem irrelevant to your claim for benefits.

  • The details matter. Regarding your work history (which is a critical component of your SSD application as well), you need to be as detailed as possible so that the SSA will be convinced of your eligibility for benefits. If you don’t say it, the SSA won’t know that you need to lift, bend, crawl, or physically exert yourself for extended periods of time.

  • Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. Social security adjudicators are not interested in the things you cannot do, but rather in the things that you can. If the things you can do are not sufficient to allow you to work, then you are considered legally disabled.

3. Documents Required to File for SSD

The key to securing Social Security Disability benefits is to provide the SSA with adequate documentation of your work history and limitations. In order to file an application, you will need to collect the following documents (among others):

  • Birth certificate

  • Most-recent W-2 and pay stub

  • List of all medical providers that have treated your disability

  • Copies of your medical record

  • Fully completed Disability Benefits Application and Adult Disability Report

Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

When you have been denied SSD and can’t perform your duties at work; you need a lawyer that will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you need. But don’t contact any lawyer; be sure you hire a lawyer who specializes in social security litigation. Having the right representation can be the difference between getting the compensation you will need to keep up with your normal life being denied SS benefits. If you were denied social security benefits and can’t work, hire a social security lawyer to fight for you.

If you are disabled and can’t perform your duties at work you are eligible for disability benefits. But the Social Security Administration often denies most of the majority of disability cases if one fails to fill out the correct forms, misses a deadline, there is suspicion of fraud, criminal convictions, and more. Due to these reasons is why you need a lawyer to ensure you get the money you need in order to pay your bills and still take care of your family, while you are out of work. A skilled attorney has years of experience and understands the filing process to get you and your family the much-needed financial and healthcare benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a serious injury or accident, victims and their families have many questions in mind. We encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation, so we can personally address all your questions and concerns.

Meanwhile, these are a few of the most common questions we hear from our clients:

What are the basic requirements to apply for disability (what does it mean to be “disabled”)?

In order to apply for SSD, you must have a medical condition that prevents you from working for a minimum of 12 months. 

How do you apply for Social Security Disability benefits?

There are two ways to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. You can visit your local SSA office, or you can apply online at 

What if I have already stopped working?

In order to apply for disability, you have to stop working or in some cases reduce the number of hours and monthly take-home pay to apply for disability. In order to file an application social security indicates you are not able to work more than 15-20 hours and make less than $1,180.00. If you only qualify for SSI benefits this is a welfare based program and you are not allowed to work at all as this will a dollar-for-dollar offset. 

Can I apply for SSD if I am currently receiving short-term or long-term disability?

Yes. In fact, if you are receiving long-term disability benefits, you may be required to do your best to obtain social security sisability. In addition to representing individuals in applying for SSD, we assist with long-term disability claims as well, and we can make sure you do everything necessary to maximize your benefits. 

What if I have denied social security benefits?

If you have been denied social security make sure that if you wish to file an appeal, that it is done in a timely manner. You only have 60 days from the date of the denial to file an appeal in time. Should you go past the 60 days you forfeit the right of that application and would have to start all over again. 

What are my options if the SSA has denied by Social Security Disability application?

If the SSA has already denied your application, you have 60 days from the date of denial to file an appeal. While you can file a new application if your window for filing an appeal expires, filing a successful appeal can be much quicker than filing a new application from scratch.

How long does it take to start receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

If you are eligible for SSD and you submit a complete and accurate application, you can expect to receive a decision in four to eight months. If your application is denied, you can expect to wait for another two to five months during the first level of appeal. If your initial appeal is unsuccessful, you can appeal again, but the current wait time at this level is 24 to 26 months. 

Do I have to speak to my doctor about filing for social security disability?

In order to qualify for SSD, your doctor needs to be on board. You need to have your doctors supporting your decision to file for disability. Social security bases their decision strictly on the medical records and the limitations from their records. Make sure you tell your doctors about every condition that you are suffering from. 

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