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How Dash Cam Footage Can Win Your Car Accident Claim

June 25, 2024 | Attorney, Allan Ziffra

Just imagine: you’re cruising down International Speedway Blvd. in Daytona Beach, minding your own business, when suddenly – BAM! Someone rams their mini-van into your ride. You’re in shock, maybe hurting, and now you ‘re stuck having to deal with the aftermath. Having a dash cam would go a long way in saving you from an irritating situation.

What’s a Dash Cam, Anyway?

A dash cam is a little video camera that sits on your car’s dashboard, constantly recording everything that happens in front of your vehicle. Some fancy ones even record the back and inside views. It’s like having a silent witness that never blinks, never lies, and always has your back.

Most of these little gadgets come with some pretty nifty features:

  • They record non-stop while you’re driving, usually in short clips that get overwritten when the memory fills up.
  • If you get into a fender bender, the cam automatically saves the footage from right before and after the impact. No more “he said, she said” nonsense!
  • Some cams even record audio from inside the car, so you can prove that you were singing along to Beyoncé, not texting.
  • They usually have a wide-angle lens to capture all the action on the road.

And if you want to get really fancy, you can find dash cams with extras like:

  • GPS tracking to show exactly where and how fast you were going
  • Front and back cameras for the full 360° experience
  • Wi-Fi to easily send the footage to your phone
  • Parking mode to catch any jerks that ding your ride while it’s parked
  • Night vision to record those late-night adventures
  • Cloud storage, so even if someone swipes your cam, the footage is safe

Why Your Dash Cam is Your Friend in a Car Crash

So, let’s say you do get into a crash. You’re stressed, maybe hurt, and the last thing you want is for the other driver to start pointing fingers. But guess what? Your little dash cam buddy has been watching the whole time, and it can:

  • Show exactly what happened, so there’s no doubt about who’s at fault
  • Prove what the weather and road conditions were like
  • Catch important details like traffic lights, stop signs, and if the other driver was doing something stupid
  • Even help catch a hit-and-run driver by recording their license plate

Basically, your dash cam is like an objective third-party witness that can back up your story and help you get the settlement you deserve.

Tips for Using Your Dash Cam Wisely

Of course, as with any technology, there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Download and back up the footage ASAP after a crash, so it doesn’t get overwritten.
  2. If your cam has cloud storage, use it! That way, the footage is safe even if your cam gets damaged.
  3. Keep in mind that if you were the one who messed up, the footage could be used against you. Oops.
  4. Depending on where you live, you might be required by law to hand over the footage if it’s requested for a court case.
  5. Make sure your cam is mounted legally and doesn’t block your view of the road.

The Verdict: Is a Dash Cam Worth It?

So, is a dash cam worth the investment? Absolutely! You can snag a basic model for as little as 50 bucks, or go all-out with a top-of-the-line one for around $400. Think of it as cheap insurance for your legal protection.

And if you do end up in a crash in the Sunshine State, don’t hesitate to call up the car accident experts at Rue & Ziffra. We’ll be happy to take a look at your dash cam footage and help you build a rock-solid case. With our help and your trusty dash cam by your side, you’ll be back on the road in no time!

Attorney Allan Ziffra

Allan Ziffra

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This article has been written and reviewed by Allan Ziffra. Allan L. Ziffra is a founding partner and president of Rue & Ziffra, a personal injury law firm. With over two decades of experience, Allan has litigated cases involving catastrophic injuries, securing over $100 million for clients. He holds a Master of Laws in Taxation from the University of Miami and a JD from Stetson University.

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